YπIA Steering Committee

Founders of ΥπIA (in order of the dates of adhesion)

  1. Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, UNIFI, CICOP Italia Directive Committee, ITALY
  2. Ayat Helmihy, PhD Cairo University – Political science Faculty, Director AMPIENED, CICOP Net Egypt, EGYPT
  3. Prof. Eng. Elisabeth Vintzileou, Full Professor,  NTU of Athens,  (Greece), GREECE
  4. Prof. Arch. Maria Rita Amoroso, PhD by UNICAMP University – Architecture, Technology and City, CICOP Net Brazil, BRAZIL
  5. PhD Elena Korka, General Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, GREECE
  6. PhD, Ass. Prof. Eng. Marta Stojmanovska, UKIM-IZIIS Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, CICOP Net FYROM, NORTH MACEDONIA
  7. Dr Sabah Ferdi, Director research and president CNRA (National Center for Research in Archeology), ALGERIA
  8. Prof. Eng. Humberto Varum, Full Professor University of Porto, CICOP Net Portugal, PORTUGAL
  9. Prof. Ratiba Sahoui, Teacher- Researcher of Geology and Planetology at Departments of Geology (USTHB, Algiers), ALGERIA
  10. Dr Eng. Fawzi Doumaz,  First Reseacher / Senior, Responsable INGV in Cosenza (UNICAL), Associate researcher CNR-ISMA, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica-Italy (ING), ALGERIA/ITALY
  11.  Dr Sakae Takanokura, Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Tama Art University, Tokyo, JAPAN
  12. Prof. Hassan E. Mahmoud / AKA (Hassan Fedawy), Full Professor, Faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University Decorative Arts Department, EGYPT
  13. Prof. Arch. Ezio Godoli, full Professor UNIFI, President  Cedacot, CICOP Italy Directive Committee, ITALY
  14. Arch. Donato Cosenza, CICOP Italy Directive Committee, ITALY
  15. Arch. Benedetta Maio, CICOP Italia Directive Committee, ITALY

Proposed Presidents:

  • Ayat Helmihy: Africa
  • Elena Korka: Europe
  • Maria Rita Amoroso: America
  • Humberto Varum: Australia
  • Sakae Takanokura: Asia

Proposed Esecutive Director: Nina Avramidou

Proposed General Secretary: Sabah Ferdi

Proposed Treasurer: Elisabeth Vintzileoy

Proposed Archivist: Benedetta Maio