Timing of YπIA (Hypatia International Award)

  • First Prize: 2020, in coincidence with the 5th Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration, BRAU5, scheduled for 15-30 October 2020.
  • Minimum amount of prize: to be established. It will depend on the eventual sponsors and the potential revenue of the BRAU5.

The preliminary investigation for the choices of the winners will follow the following procedure:

  1. By 31 October 2019
    All the founding members collect, examine and propose the names of the potential winners, attaching to each selected person their curriculum documented as required by law.
    The material collected is transmitted to the competent President by geographical area to which the proposed award winner belongs.
  2. By 31 January 2020
    Each President, after receiving the material, and within 3 months of receiving it, examines and refines the material received and expresses the proper judgment, according to a “reasoned ranking”.
    The involved Presidents, send the collected material and their own opinion to the General Secretary who forwards it to the president and to the A&PD.
  3. By 30 April 2020
    The president, within 3 months from the reception of the material, expresses the own proper judgment according to the same “reasoned ranking”, and transmits it to all the founding members.
    The president contacts the potential winners in a confidential manner to make sure of their availability to receive the prize.
  4. By 31 May 2020
    All the founding members express their opinion following the same “reasoned ranking” and send it to the General Secretary and to the A&PD.
  5. By 15 June 2020
    The General Secretary ends the operation of counting, which shows the winner and trasmit it to the all founding members.
    The president inform promptly the winner of the 1st ΥπIA.
    The top ten on the list will be “marked” for the 1st ΥπIA prize, in “recognition of merit”.