Relationship between BRAU4 and HCH Congress

BRAU (Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration) is a biennial with its own statute and a set of specific themes, which translate into seminars, shows, art exhibitions, projections of documentaries, debates, visits, all open and also aimed to the public. The purpose of these activities is to bring out the architectural and urban local heritage and raise public awareness to its protection, creating an international FORUM of discussion between countries with similar problems, but various economic and sociopolitical situations.

The various events are organized independently by local co-organizers, assisted by the CICOP Net Confederation and in agreement with the BRAU organizing committee.

In order to recover costs, local organizers of BRAU can attract sponsorship leveraging on the numbers of visitors. For certain significant events, however, an entrance fee may be required or a voluntary donation may be asked.

HCH Congress (“Hidden Cultural Heritage: Under Water, Under Ground and Buildings Within”) is one of the events of BRAU4, and like all congresses a registration fee is required, and papers/posters approved by the scientific committee are published in the proceedings. To the registration fee is applied the ethical principle introduced by BRAU Biennial of the “fair economic effort” based on the wealth of the country. We are convinced that culture has the potential to break down even the economic barriers. Registration to HCH is free if you already paid BRAU4 registration fee, and viceversa.

Usually a selection of speeches and events of particular value or interest, among the ones on the specific topics of BRAU, are collected in a Biennial Catalog published and offered for sale to visitors of BRAU.

In summary:

  • BRAU: a set of diverse cultural events generally open to the public, of which usually a Biennial Catalog is published.
  • HCH: the main event of BRAU4, aimed more to technicians than to public, an itinerant congress requiring a registration fee, which provides for the supervision of a Scientific Committee and the publication of proceedings.