Extraordinary General Assembly of CICOP Net Confederation

Date: October 2nd, 2020, h. 17.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2), with the following Agenda:

  • Statute Changes
  • Vote of the Steering Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, 3 Consultants
  • Various and any other issues

All the members of the national CICOP Net Steering Comittees can be elected to the various directive offices.

All current offices expire with this election.

The vote will be given remotely, on this website (go to the election page). In order to vote you need to access your email.

Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou
President of CICOP Net Confederation
President of CICOP Italia Onlus


Election results

New Statute: approved

President: Amir Causevic

Vice President: Ayat Elmihy

General Secretary: Nerman Rustempasic

Consultants: Maria Rita Amoroso, Antonella Carella, Nicolaos Lianos

President Emeritus: Nina Avramidou