Hypatia International Award (YπIA) general rules

Who will be rewarded

Women and men who with their commitment and work in the field of Research, Arts and Professions, have contributed to the progress of scientific knowledge and improvement of life.

Who proposes the people to reward

All Associates and Founders can propose the names of the people to be rewarded, specifying and adequately documenting the motivations.

The proposals must be addressed to the Presidents of Ipia and to the Executive Director, who transmit them for the requisition to all the members of the Steering Committee. The decision must be motivated and circumscribed by all the members of the Steering Committee of ΥπIA.

Steering Committee

In the initial phase, which will end in April 2020, the Steering Committee of ΥπIA is made up of the Founding members, who choose among them the Presidents, the Executive Director and the General Secretary.

Five Presidents are proposed: one for African countries, one for European countries, one for American countries, one for Australian countries, one for Asian countries.


Contact email: hypatia-award@cicop.net