Statute of Confederation CICOP Net

Network of International Centers for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage



Constitution – Legal Status – Headquarter – Duration

1. It is constituted the CICOP Net Confederation, in which are associated in network the international centers for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage CICOP, its National Delegations and those no profit cultural Associations which have as their main objective the international cooperation and the overcoming of cultural barriers between peoples.

2. The Association is free, nonpartisan and nonsectarian, voluntary and has no purpose profit, pursuing exclusively cultural purposes by promotion and encouragement of culture and art in the broader forms of agreements their meaning, it is recognized inside of the Constitutions and Civil Codes of Member States in which they reside national CICOP centers or the national delegations of CICOP Net.

3. The present statute is signed by the founders of CICOP Net Confederation . After its constitution other founders may join the Confederation, offering their cultural contributions and assuming cultural commitments. The Steering Committee of CICOP Net deliberates on the accession of new Associates.

4. CICOP Net has no registered headquarter and may set up elsewhere headquarters as national delegations, in Europe and in other countries outside of Europe.

5. The CICOP Net Confederation has unlimited duration and shall estinguish in the cases and in the manner provided by this Statute.

6. The Confederation of CICOP Net is governed by its Statute and for what it does not provided by this, by the governmental and regional laws in respect of non-profit cultural associations, existing in the countries where there are CICOP Centers and CICOP delegations which adhere at CICOP Net. May be established by the Steering Committee of CICOP Net internal regulations to govern its organization and its functioning in execution.


Finalities and Ambits of CICOP Net

1. The finalities and ambits of the Confederation CICOP Net, are the same of those described in the Statutes of CICOP centers that adhere to it. In addition to those finalities and ambits, CICOP Net:

1.1. It aims to contribute to bridging the static conception of heritage and the enrichment of its constant and dynamic relationship with the territory and its belonging region, stimulating multicultural promotion processes.

1.2. The operability of CICOP Net will be of an international character, hopefully in cooperation and coordination with other international organizations and public / private, with the following prevailing purposes:

1. 3.a. Finding solutions and alternatives that are more suitable and innovative towards of conscious conservation and of sustainable enhancement of Historical, Cultural and Artistic Heritage.

1. 3.b. Prommotion, organization and management of events aimed at the comparison, at the international level, of the interventions and restoration projects, such as BRAU, Biennale of Architecture and Urban Restoration, an international cultural event founded and designed by CICOP Italia, to be held biennially along a cultural axis proposed and approved by the General Assembly CICOP Network.

1. 3.c. Constitution of a Permanent Observatory on Cultural Heritage Risks, of tangible and intangible ones, which bring out multicriteria operational proposals of remedy and prevention measures, of large temporal and spatial validity. To this end, the CICOP Net will promote the international biennial Congress titled Hazards & modern Heritage, cultural event founded and designed by CICOP Italia, to be held biennially in the countries proposed and approved by the General Assembly of the CICOP Network.



1. To achieve these goals, the Confederation CICOP Net exercises indicatively, the following activities:
1.a. Establish a coordinated network of CICOP Centres and National Delegations operating in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.
1.b. Organize its own services in networking, making prevalent use of multimedia such as certified mail, video conferencing, databases, computer files containing data, etc. ..

1.c. Provide sources funding of the projects it promotes, on behalf of the CICOP Centers and the national Delegations participating in these projects, obtained through the issuance of a valid and legal emission of publications, video, CD, magazines, etc..
1.d. Organize courses, conferences, conventions and many other cultural no profit activities involving CICOP Centers and Delegations that are active and affiliated to CICOP Net.


Condition of the associated to CICOP Net

A. Will joint the CICOP Net the following entities:

1.1 CICOP Centers: can belong to the Confederation CICOP Net, as Associates, all CICOP centers institutionalized and active, which want to networking and lend their cooperation to CICOP Net and whose membership has been accepted by the Steering Committee of the same.

1.2. No profit Cultural Associations:can belong to the Confederation CICOP Net, as Associated Centres, all cultural associations that, by virtue of the identity of the objectives aimed at knowledge, the survey, cataloging, protection and preservation of historic and artistic heritage, want to networking and lend their cooperation to CICOP Net, and whose membership has been accepted by the Steering Committee of the same.

1.3. National Delegations: can belong to the Confederation CICOP Net, as Associated Centres, all National delegations of CICOP Net, whose membership has been accepted by the Steering Committee of the same, as indicated in PART 4 of the present statute.

2. The instance to entry to the Confederation, will be addressed to the Steering Committee which will decide for each specific case.

3. The membership that will be rejected by the Steering Committee of CICOP Net, after being properly evaluated, will be notified in writing.


1. Forming part of the General Assembly of CICOP Net and occupy positions within its Steering Committee, with right for voice and vote.
2. To receive periodic information on the activities of CICOP Net and Associates to it.
3. To consult and to examine any document or act that refers to the dynamics of the administration of CICOP Net.


1. The respect of the provisions established in the present Statute and in the regulations which may be adopted, as well as the resolutions and decisions validly taken by the Governing Bodies of the Confederation.

2. Fulfill the responsibilities of the charges for which are elected.

3. Safeguard the good name and reputation of CICOP Net.

4. Respond to activities due when requested, in the manner and form that determined CICOP Net.

5. Communicate the eventual changes of their statute and domicile.



1. The condition of associated will lose, temporarily or permanently, for some of the following causes:

a. Request of the person concerned, in writing form, addresed to the Steering Committee of CICOP Net.

b. Non-fulfillment of obligations and duties recognized in the present Statute.



1. The decay of the condition of Associate to CICOP Net will be producted directly if it is requested voluntarily.

2. In all other cases it is the Steering Committee of CICOP Net that proceed to the investigation of decay conditions, notifying to the Associate the motivation of decay.

3. At the end of thirty days, after receipt of the notification, the Associate could present any justifications that are suitable and affordable. Having read the same, the Steering Committee will decide on the continuation of the association in the CICOP Net or of the reasons that lead to permanent loss of the right of the state of Active Associate: the decision will be notified within fifteen days to the associate concerned and also in the first General Assembly of CICOP Net subsequent to that decision.


Of the Central Organization of CICOP Net

The CICOP Net Confederation has the following Collegial Bodies:

1. General Assembly.

2. Steering Committee.

3. All statutory positions are honorary and free of renumeration.



1. The General Assembly is the supreme organ of government of CICOP Net and it is composed by the Steering Committees of all Associates indicated in PART 4, A of the present Statute.

2. It meets ordinarily every two years to coincide with the Biennial BRAU, in one of the cities of Cultural Axis along which the Biennial BRAU takes place; may also be convened extraordinarily whenever the Steering Committee deems it appropriate.

3. The convocation must be made by notice published on the website of CICOP Net, at least two months before the meeting, and must contain the agenda, place and date of the first call and those of the second eventual convocation; the latter one will be fixed at least an hour after the first one.

4. The meetings of the Assemblies are valid, on the first call, with the presence of an absolute majority of Members eligible to participate, and, on the second call, regardless of the number of participants.

5. For deliberations concerning: a) amendments to the Statute of CICOP Net, and b) the dissolution of the Association, are valid the norms of the Civil Codes and of Employement of the States where CICOP Net Associates belong.

6. The General Assembly resolves:

6.1. on the general guidelines of CICOP Net;

6.2. on the nomination of members of the Steering Committee;

6.3. approves internal regulations and any their modifications;

6.4. in extraordinary session, acts on possible changes of the Statute;

6.5. the Associates may be represented in the General Assembly by other Active Associates, which cover social tasks; each Associate can not represent more than two other Associates.

7. The General Assembly is chaired by the President of theSteering Committee of CICOP Net; failing, the Assembly appoints its own President. The President shall appoint a Secretary and, if appropriate, two Scrutineers. The President controlls the regularity of the delegations and, in general, the right to intervene in the meeting.

8. Of the meetings of the General Assembly, it draw up a report signed by the President and the Secretary, and eventually by the scrutineers.



1. The CICOP Net Association is managed by a Directive Committee composed of the Presidents of the CICOP centers affiliated to CICOP Net, which remain in charge for four years and may be reelected.

If, in the four-year appointment of the Directive Committee of CICOP Net, changes occur in the Statutes of the CICOP centers and of CICOP Net Delegations, affiliated to CICOP Net, such changes shall be transmitted promptly and in writing to the Steering Committee of CICOP Net.
2. The first Steering Committee is appointed with the Constitution of CICOP Net.
3. The Steering Committee elects a President and a Secretary.

4. It is admitted the possibility that the Steering Committee meetings may be held by videoconference or teleconference, provided that all participants can be identified by the President and that allowed them to discuss and participate in real time on the matters, expressing their vote in an obvious form, when it proceed to a vote. If all these preconditions are verified, it means that the meeting of the Steering Committee takes place where of course there is the President of the meeting with the Secretary, who will provide to draw up and sign the minutes of the meeting, mentioning the manner in which access was obtained with Councillors and how far they have expressed their vote.

5. The Steering Committee of CICOP Net has all the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration.

6. The Steering Committee shall be convened by the President of CICOP Net when it deems necessary or when so requested by at least two of the Active Associates and at least once a year, to deliberate in order of the report of the activities promoted by the Confederation.

7. For the validity of the proceedings, should be present at least the half plus one of its components, including the President, and the favourable vote of the majority of those present; of the meeting it will draw up the minutes signed by the President and Secretary.

8. The President of CICOP Net, and in case of his absence or impediment, the General Secretary, represents the Confederation against third parties and in court; also he is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and of the Steering Committee of CICOP. Net.

9. The President of CICOP Net may adopt independently, in the case of proven reasons of urgency, all those measures of competence of the Steering Committee, taking care to give information to Steering Committee at its next meeting.

10. The Secretary of the Board of Directors provides the bookkeeping, transcribing the minutes of the General Assemblies and of the Steering Committee.


Of the organization on international level

6. 1. The CICOP Net Confederation, promotes CICOP Centers and CICOP Net Delegations that support its activities at international level.
6.2. The founders of CICOP Net may result in the birth of the Delegations with the Constitutive Act of the same.

6.2.1. The totality of the members of given Delegation, form its Assembly, which appoints an administration body, composed of three members, with the position of President, of Technical-Scientific Responsible and of organizational Responsible.

6.2.2. The activities of CICOP Net Delegations, consists of actions for the promotion of the knowledge of architectural and landscape heritage through exhibitions, lectures, debates,etc..
6.2.3. The Delegation produces a program of activities which is approved annually by the Steering Committee of CICOP Net.

6.3. The Confederation of CICOP Net takes care and supports the formation of its Delegations, promotes the development of procedures for storing, cataloging and reporting the experience gained inside to them, for their better circuitry and comparison, both within the CICOP.Nework and outside of it.
6.4. A member of the Steering Committee of CICOP Net, has the responsabilibity for coordinating and supporting the actions of the Regional Delegations.


Patrimony, compensations, collaborations

1. The Confederation CICOP Net does not have its own patrimony.

2. Each Associate with CICOP Net, has its independent financial management, respecting its Statute and the laws in force in the its country.

3. Any funds arising from the partnership of the Associates to the activities promoted and carried to a successful conclusion, within the CICOP Net, on specific cultural initiatives of each of its Associates or its Steering Committee, will also be managed independently by the Associates who take an active part in such activities.

3.1. The subdivision of the expenses and gains deriving from the partnership for joint activities, will be determined by mutual agreement between all the members who take part to be formalized by signing of a preliminary contract in the form of “temporary association” among the participants.

3.2. The criteria for dividing the profits – arising from the participation of more Associates within the same cultural activity that produced usefuls – will be defined in relation to the tasks assigned to each Associate and the current rates in force in the countries of each Associate.

4. For the performance of cultural and scientific activities of CICOP Net, this may avail itself of one or more experts, which will be chosen and designated by its Steering Comittee for a particular cultural activity and for a certain period of time to be established at the time of their nomination.

The Experts, at the request of the Steering Comittee of CICOP Net:

4.1. express opinions with regard to single initiatives or programs promoted by CICOP Net;

4.2. formulate projects for the studies and researches of major importance for the achieving the objectives of the CICOP Net;

4.3. suggest those persons and institutions deserving the award and scholarships, on the basis of competitons approved by the Steering Committee;

4.4. The Steering Committee of CICOP Net can determine that some or all of the experts come together to form a committee that will work as a team. It will be the same Steering Comittee of CICOP Net that will indicate the purposes, tasks, time in which will operate this team of experts and the duration of its office.

4.5. The Committee of Experts, if appointed, will be chaired by the President of the Steering Committee of CICOP Net and will operate according to its statutory rules, as they are compatible.

4.6. The Steering Committee of CICOP Net may issue internal regulations to govern the tasks, organization and functioning of the Committee of Experts.

4.7. Experts are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their office and eventually a remuneration or attendance fee, in accordance with what it is fixed by the Steering Committee of CICOP Net.


Final norms

For anything else not covered by this Statute, the CICOP Net Confederation is regulated by the rules of the Civil Code and other national and regional laws that affect non profit associations, existing in the countries of each Associate to the Confederation.


Date January 9, 2012



Interim Steering Committee of CICOP Net Confederation

Nina Avramidou (President), Italy

Causevic Amir (Vice President), Bosnia

Ajina Zatric (Generale Segretary), Serbia

Tina Wik (Councilor) – Sweden

Manuel Fortea Luna (Councilor)-Spain

Eleni Porfiriou (Councilor)-Greece

Mine Topcubasi (Councilor) – Turkey