Aims of YπIA (Hypatia International Award)

  • Reward the professional work of women and men who with their commitment in the field of Research, Arts and the Professions, have contributed to the progress of scientific knowledge and improvement of life.
  • Encourage and promote the activities of all members associated with YπIA in similar European and Ιnternational Οrganizations and Ιnstitutions.
  • Work to stop all forms of discrimination against all people who are successfully engaged in the field of Research, Arts and Professions, both in the workplace and in the family environment.
  • Create conditions of exchange and collaboration between institutions in countries where conditions of discrimination persist for people of all ages and in particular for women.

WHY the award:

“Because we recognize in Hypatia the symbol of freedom of thought and because the prize is against any form of refusal of otherness.”

Nina Avramidou
November 2018


Asteroid 238 Hypatia.
Asteroid 238 Hypatia.